Centro Italiano della Cultura del Carbone

Included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List

The Museo del Carbone (Coal Mining Museum) is the main mining museum in Italy. In 2007 the site was included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List as part of the Geomineral Historical and Environmental Park of Sardinia, which is also a member of the UNESCO European Geoparks Network.

Coal-mining activity (1937 - 1964) characterized the economy of the Sulcis area between 1937 and 1964, and represented one of the most important energy resources in Italy. With coal urgently needed by the Fascist government, the Great Mine of Serbarìu was the largest mine in Italy, with 18,000 employees, 33 hectares on the surface and 100 km of underground galleries.

Today the Coal Mining Museum - opened in 2006 and attracting around 19,000 visitors per year - includes the lamproom, an underground gallery and the winch room. Inside the lamproom there is a permanent exhibition about the history of coal, of the mine and of the town of Carbonia, with mining lamps, work tools, objects used daily, photos, documents, period video-clips and interviews with miners. The reconstructed underground gallery shows the technological evolution of coal exploitation in accurately reconstructed spaces furnished with work. The winch room preserves the original machine that lowered and raised the cages in the shafts for the transport of coal and miners. There are also a museum shop, a cafeteria and a conference room.

The museum is situated on the outskirts of Carbonia, originally a ‘company town’. The complex project for the restoration and redevelopment of the town and its mining site — the landscape machine — won the Landscape Award of the Council of Europe in 2011.

The museum is managed by the CICC (Centro Italiano della Cultura del Carbone), born in 2006 as a non-profit-making association composed of the Municipality of Carbonia and the Geomineral Historical and Environmental Park of Sardinia.


Address: Grande Miniera di Serbariu, 09013, Carbonia, Italy

Phone: +39 0781 62727