Museo de la Minería y de la Industria de Asturias

Find out more about the history of mining in this region of Spain through the museum’s different sections

The Mining and Industry Museum of Asturias (MUMI), founded by the Principado de Asturias and Caja de Asturias, pays tribute to coal rnining, an activity that has determined the social and industrial development of Asturias for two centuries. The finding of hard coal was of great importance for the region. With it came the iron and steel factories, the industrial explosives production, the railvay network, the improvement of terrestrial communications and also medical assistance to the working population. The discovery of this mineral also created a new demographic and urban situation that transformed Asturias, together with the emergence of the labour movement and trade unionism that has played a key role in the history of Spain.

Throughout the different sections of the Mining and Industry Museum of Asturias you can explore various old machines that were used in European mining before the steam and industrial revolution occurred, as well as the explosives used to extract the minerals. You can also experience, what it is like to be in a mine and learn about the different systems used to lift coal with the cage which will take you down to the mine.

A walk around the museum will let you discover the different scientific instruments that have been used in the scientific and industrial development of our society, mining hospitals, electrical work, minerals, fossils . . .


Address: San Vicente. El Entrego. Asturias.
Phone: (+34) 985 66 31 33